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Hollywood Guinness World Records Museum
Hollywood Guinness World Records Museum

Hollywood Guinness World Records Museum

From the world’s tallest man to the longest jump taken by a human, Guinness has tracked the most significant, interesting, and strange world records year after year. The interactive Hollywood Guinness World Records Museum brings many of those records to life in a way that makes them seem even more real. The facts and figures here range from pop culture and technology to nature, sports, and space. The experience is much like a walk through a fascinating, interactive reference book.

Exhibits are spaced out over two stories and include touchscreen and video, holographs, animation, and other immersive media. There’s a section of the museum dedicated to the records of the entertainment industry, which fittingly includes a theater show. The family-friendly museum even offers visitors the chance to break one of its world records. It is often visited in combination with the Hollywood Wax Museum, which is next door.

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6764 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, California, 90028

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