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Things to Do in Angers


Jean Lurçat Contemporary Tapestry Museum (Musée Jean-Lurçat)

Home to the awe-inspiring ‘Le chant du Monde’, a collection of exquisite 20th-century tapestries by Jean Lurcat, the Jean Lurçat Contemporary Tapestry Museum (Musée Jean-Lurçat) plays a vital part in Angers’ artistic heritage and it’s unsurprisingly one of the city’s top attractions. The tapestries, designed as a contemporary interpretation of the city’s iconic Apocalypse tapestry, feature themes such as the threat of nuclear war in ‘La Grande Menace’, the ‘Conquest of Space’ and ‘Man in Glory in Peace’ and they’re as epic as they sound, accompanied by the artist’s commentary to help you decipher their complexity.

The dramatic setting of the museum further adds to its appeal - housed in the 12th-century Hospital Saint Jean, a grand Gothic complex, where the tapestries hung from the vast vaulted ‘Salle des Malades’, the former sick ward. The neighboring 17th-century building, a former orphanage, hosts a further collection of Lurçat’s paintings, ceramics and crafts, as well as tapestries by Thomas Gleb and Josep Grau Garriga.

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